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Memories of times spent with the master

(Daniel Joseph Docherty 1954-2021) - The 3rd January 1988 marks the beginning of a life changing event for me. Christmas of 1987 had been and gone as was the end of the festive break. Trawling through the various martial arts magazines available...

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The Ideal Student?

Finds the gate and makes his/her way along the path Is drawn to find the ideal teacher Has a voracious appetite for knowledge Never tires of arduous training Is open to advice from others and never thinks that he/she is above receiving advice from others...

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Tui Shou

Tui Shou (Scattering Hands / Push Hands), the term Scattering Hands immediately conjures a sense of the martial. Tui Shou translates as Push Hands in English ...

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Experiences From Within And Without

At first, there’s nothing. Just stillness. Then something. Slowly, quietly, there’s movement. Up and down. Separating. Heaven and earth. Yin and Yang. Circling, pushing, grasping, projecting, coiling and releasing. Rising, falling ...

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An alternative strategy

The reason people come into the learning of tai chi chuan are many and varied. It could be that they saw a demonstration, a documentary or even read an article on the benefits of practising tai chi ...

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Reflections with the self

Shen Chi Do: What is this word “Do”? What does it mean? Is it a physical thing? How does one get it? Is that possible? Would I know if and when I’ve got it?